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Xbox Call of duty WWII videos

Call of duty WWII

Call of duty World War II videos  

The value of bitcoins

I think the idea behind crypto currencies and blockchain technology is great, and I’m a big fan. Remove the need for central banks and intermediaries, and move power from governments to the people. Regards to Bitcoins, I do not believe this will end well. I’m pretty sure that the value will go to zero and …

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FreeNAS storage system

I have finally started my home storage system project in-between some renovation work at home. I want a central storage solution for home computers, mobile phones and other devices. I really do not want to store private stuff in the cloud. As a fan of the FreeBSD operating system, the obvious solution is to install …

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Certificates and pfSense, how to sign cert requests

pfSense is a neat firewall based on the FreeBSD operating system. The firewall will by default act as a CA (Certificate Authority) issuing certificates to firewall users and services. Certificates typically used by “internal” VPN clients and for running a secure https management session to the firewall. But you may have external boxes that needs certificates too. …

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Dynamic DNS and pfSense

This post describes the basics concepts, and I have tried to make it as short and non-technical as possible. IP addresses Computers address each other using IP addresses. IP addresses of the form (IPv4 dotted-decimal notation defined by the TCP/IP protocol).  When a computer sends a “data packet” to another computer, it´s labelling the packet with a …

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Xbox UDP & TCP portlist

This is a brief list of the Xbox´s port usage: Xbox Live ports Protocol Soure addreess Source port Destination address Destination Port Service UDP Internet/any IP * Xbox IP 88 Xbox Live UDP Internet/any IP * Xbox IP 3074 Xbox Live TCP Internet/any IP * Xbox IP 3074 Xbox Live UDP Xbox IP * Internet/any …

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Xbox Live, firewall ports and NAT (English)

It is quite disappointing that Microsoft fails to properly document how the Xbox One communicate with the rest of the world. You can find a Microsoft document describing the Xbox´s port usage here: If someone ask a network administrator to open these ports, the administrator is probably going to shake his head and say no. The …

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FreeBSD 10.0 & Hyper-V 2012 R2

FreeBSD 10.0 Production Release som ble releaset 14 Januar, gjør det mulig å kjøre FreeBSD som en virtuell server under Hyper-V 2012 R2. Det betyr at jeg kan kvitte meg med noen av de fysiske boksene vi har på datasenteret, noe som var på tide. FreeBSD er et bunnsolid operativsystem som jeg benytter til tjenester som BIND, RRDTool, Ntop og …

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Lync og mobilstatus fra Netcom

Jeg jobber for tiden med ett internt oppgraderingsprosjekt hvor vi oppgraderer fra Microsoft Lync 2010 til Lync 2013. I forbindelse med dette prosjektet har vi også bestemt oss for å integrere telefonitjenestene med Lync. Vi gjør dette nå, fordi vi nylig har byttet leverandør til Netcom som tilbyr Lync integrasjon.Hvis man vurderer å bytte leverandør av telefonitjenester, kan det være greit å spørre om leverandøren støtter …

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